Kubert VisuaLecture Review


"The breadth of Schumer's admiration for Kubert's work was contagious. By the end of the night, his unwavering enthusiasm had spread fluidly to everyone in the room. We could only imagine the time and research that went into amassing such a library of knowledge on not only Kubert's work, but the history of comic art. The presentation was expertly planned, well-paced, and eventful—when Schumer stopped halfway through to give us a little intermission, no one moved, so he continued. We were drawn in again and again with each new slide—much like a Kubert page—with every fact delivered just-so for maximum impact."

Hope to see you all at Tuesday night's KIRBY presentation at the Kirby Museum on the Lower East Side! http://kirbymuseum.org/131105-schumer-yaakov/