Twilight Zone Marathon WPIX

I hope you had a great New Year's Eve—and enjoy my essay on the New Year's Eve Twilight Zone Marathon on the pop culture site, Den of Geek; here's an excerpt: "...You gotta love the TZ Marathon no matter how chopped up they are, and no matter where you rank on the Twilight Zone totem pole of trivia and/or knowledge, because these Hall of Fame television episodes—these gems of storytelling substance and economy, saying more philosophically and metaphysically in 23 minutes than other shows muster in an entire season—these works of video art one might give to the aliens as representative of the best television earthmen ever made—are simply, as writer Earl Hamner, Jr. told Marc Zicree, author of the definitive episode guide, The Twilight Zone Companion (full disclosure: I designed the cover), '...great stories well told.'"

P.S. My essay, "The Five Themes of The Twilight Zone" can act as a kind of "viewers' guide" to the Marathon: