Fathers of the Dark Knight Poster

From the playwright/director of the upcoming off-Broadway play Fathers of the Dark Knight, Roberto Williams:

"Comic Book artist Arlen Schumer has stunned and delighted the entire FATHERS OF THE DARK KNIGHT production team with his final rendering of the play's official one-sheet theatrical poster! This beautiful design far surpasses my expectations, and it is a most welcome example of this production's every effort to seek the highest possible quality at every turn! We are forever indebted to Mr. Schumer for his most brilliant contribution, and we proudly welcome him as an official member of the FOTDK production team!"

Fathers of the Dark Knight Poster Sketch

Re: the bat-head on top of the H; if you look at this rough sketch, it wasn't even in there, because I thought it would hurt the "reading" of the H! I owe it to Robby Reed of the great comics history blogazine DIAL B FOR BLOG for making the suggestion! —Arlen