The Super Type of Ira Schnapp: A Must See Exhibit at the TDC

Premiere night for Arlen Schumer’s exhibit on the work of Ira Schnapp certainly lived up to the hype.  Draped in a Superman cape adorned with a Superman medallion, and with a Superman tie to complete his ensemble, Mr. Schumer and the wonderful Executive Director of The Type Directors Club, Ms. Carol Wahler, welcomed their guests warmly and most graciously to a night full of pleasant surprises in celebration of his latest exhibit and visual lecture, The Super Type of Ira Schnapp...

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REVIEW: Arlen Schumer’s Outstanding IRA SCHNAPP Exhibit

PIX! PIX! PIX! We serialized it here at the site but seeing it in person is another thing entirely.

Had a great night the other night: Arlen Schumer on Thursday launched his summer-long exhibit on the late DC Comicsmaster letterer Ira Schnapp.

To the uninitiated, this would seem like dry material. It’s anything but. As we chronicled over the last five weeks or so, Schnapp was an artist who brought special life to the work of others, whether it be on DC’s Silver Age covers or house ads. And he was responsible for so many of the best-known logos in the company’s history, going all the way back to Action Comics....

Read the complete review byDan Greenfield of here.

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