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The documentary on HULU last night was the GREATEST documentary film since 2013's brilliant Finding Vivian Maier, which, like the Bill Finger story, is also about one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century who died alone, unmourned and unloved IN that century--UNTIL someone unearths their story and steadfastly, single-handedly goes on a quest of Sisyphean, Odyssean proportions for their lost subject's redress, redemption and resurrection--and ACHIEVES it, for a truly tear-jerking, shatteringly sentimental and heartfelt conclusion. 

When you see and understand the incredibly moving story of Finger's granddaughter Athena Finger getting BOTH her grandfather AND father back via the quest; her father, whose own story, of a son who fights for his father's name with DC Comics, but to no avail, and then, to add injury to insult, dies of AIDS; and the mini-drama of Athena's lawyers, a couple of female Davids going up against DC's Goliath--AND WINNING--you'll agree with my hyperbolic rave.

Bat-kudos to the doc's star, author Marc Tyler Nobleman, alias Persistence Man, for accomplishing the (near-) impossible: getting Finger's name finally up there on the screen with Bob Kane's (who comes across as a clusterfu*k of similar 20th Century pop-charlatans Walter Keane and Stan Lee); to directors Don Argott & Sheena Joyce for putting it all together so beautifully; and to HULU for producing and airing it (shameless plug: they have a 30-day free trial!).

I am proud and humbled to be a small part of such a great work.

Go to & sign up for their FREE 30-day trial, and you can watch it on your phone, computer, or smart TV!