"San Diego Comic Fest ’17: Arlen Schumer Pays Tribute to Jack Kirby and Denounces Stan Lee” by Nicholas Eskey for THE BEAT, The News Blog of Comics Culture, February 19: http://www.comicsbeat.com/san-diego-comic-fest-17-arlen-schumer-pays-tribute-to-jack-kirby-and-denounces-stan-lee/

"Artist, illustrator, writer, and in a way, Jack Kirby historian, are a few of the titles that Arlen Schumer would claim for himself. The man of many talents is hard at work at this year’s San Diego Comic Fest, giving four ‘ VisuaLectures' throughout the convention weekend. Since SDCF is paying special tribute to the 100th birthday of the famous comic artist and writer Jack Kirby this year, it’s only fitting that one of Schumer’s lectures entirely revolves around Mr. Kirby…."


Rob Salkowitz - February 21

"A good critic points you to the subtle details of a work that contribute to its impact and makes you appreciate its greatness on an intellectual level, not just by instinct. I had that experience multiple times this weekend at SD Comic Fest! listening to Arlen Schumer expound on the work of Neal Adams, the masters of Silver Age comic art, and the people who brought Batman: The Animated Series to the screen. Great, learned criticism delivered with verve, passion and visual flair. Bravo Arlen!"


Jim Thompson - February 20

"Yesterday, Christmas arrived early, as I got treated to Arlen Schumer's new Neal Adams presentation/lecture at the San Diego Comic Fest. Anyone who has never personally witnessed Arlen in action needs to watch this group for the next time he's scheduled to give the Adams lecture and then go there. Doesn't matter where - just go. The highest complement I can give is that no matter how much you love Adams' art, no matter how big a fan you are, you will love it more - you will be an even bigger fan - once Arlen is through with you. I sat in the packed room and nodded, or whispered "oh yeah", with each slide. By the end I was ready to declare my commitment to Adams as the greatest comic artist to ever walk the Earth. But be warned, Arlen did the same thing to me the day before with his Jack Kirby lecture."