Saturday, December 2 @ 2pm

Resort World Casino, New York

Did Rod Serling, creator and head writer of the legendary TV series The Twilight Zone, read EC Comics? According to Serling’s widow, Rod was “ admirer of fantasy and horror tales...his library was full of books by Poe and Lovecraft, Shelley and James, and work by their ‘great-grandchildren,’ published in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Galaxy and If.” But did Rod’s library include comic books too, like the (in-)famous 1950’s EC horror and science-fiction titles with their shocking twist endings that so many Twilight Zone episodes resemble? Illustrator, comic book historian and Twilight Zone scholar Arlen Schumer (author/designer of the coffee table books The Silver Age of Comic Book Art and Visions from The Twilight Zone) will answer that question with his tantalizing VisuaLecture, “submitted for your approval.”

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