Arlen Schumer is the designer and illustrator of our Frederator Fredbot, the robot that’s inspired so many variations. 

You read that right. 

We all hear so much from fans about our “red robot” that I thought the time was right for Arlen to design something for us again, 20 some-odd years after his first. 

So here it is! The 2019 Frederator New Year’s poster. (You can see some of the poster’s development work here:…/its-never-too-early-fo…).

Arlen’s not only a fantastic artist/designer, but he’s a prolific pop culture historian with some great books and essays to his name, and a thriving lecture series on some of the famous (and even more unsung heroes) of comic book art. 

How did Arlen Schumer come to Frederator? And how did Arlen come to art, specifically, comic book art? As you can read below, he and I have known each other and worked together for several years, even pre-Frederator.

All this and more, in the first Frederator interview of 2019:

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