Essay for the pop culture site, 13th Dimension: http://13thdimension.com/george-reeves-a-birthday-appreciation/; an excerpt:

"Reeves might’ve been even better as Clark Kent than he was as Superman. His Kent wasn’t the bumbling oaf/newshound nerd that we’ve come to expect since the first Chris Reeve movie—he was as confident and resourceful as Superman. And certainly no wimp. Reeves, cutting quite the masculine figure (remember his dashing self in the beginning of Gone with the Wind?), was no doormat for Lois Lane. No one’s done Clark Kent better, in any medium. And no one’s ever done that last-shot wink-and-a-smile like Reeves patented.”

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My article on Xmas Twilight Zone episode

Rod Serling was born on Christmas Day. We look at "Night of the Meek," a holiday offering from the writer/creator of The Twilight Zone…  

Rodman Edward Serling (1924-1975), the creator and head writer of the legendary science fiction/fantasy/horror anthology TV series The Twilight Zone, was born in Syracuse, New York (but raised downstate in Binghamton), on Christmas Day...

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ART & COMIC BOOK ART in an Art Gallery!

Rockwell Art And Framing Gallery in Westport, Connecticut, will be hosting the second of three in-gallery lectures by currently-exhibiting comic book historian, author and member of The Society of Illustrators Arlen Schumer on the relationship between “Art & Comic Book Art,” on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00pm:

Just as art historians look back 500 years ago on the great Renaissance masters of the human figure like Michelangelo and Raphael, so too will art historians 500 years from now look back on the great masters of the human figure of our time, our great comic book artists like Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Joe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane—to name a few. Yet in fine art circles, it is still considered "blasphemous" to compare/contrast the two sets of artists. Join comic book historian Arlen Schumer (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, Archway Publishing) as he does just that, with his provocative, perceptive presentation, comparing and contrasting the great artists and great artworks from the worlds of fine art and comic books, curating a fascinating journey through art...and comic book art!

Schumer’s art show opened October 22, and will run until January 16, 2016. Framed poster-sized prints are on display and for sale, as well as his new comic book art history book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art. The Rockwell Gallery is located at 236 Post Road East in Westport.



CAP ’N’ JACK—new VisuaLecture on Kirby & Captain America—at the Kirby pop-up museum in NYC!

Sunday, November 15th @ 3:00 pm  103 Allen Street, NY
I'm really looking forward to presenting my new VisuaLecture about Jack Kirby and Captain America--Kirby's favorite character! “I loved doing Captain America because it gave me a chance to be aggressive and powerful," Kirby said. "Captain America is all-motion, it’s all-movement, and it’s all-life…that’s my style…pure action and reaction.” I hope to capture and relate that in my presentation!
CAP ’N' KIRBY Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/503135046521835/

Rockwell Art and Framing Exhibit

That’s me, wearing my Superman cape, lecturing on “Life, Art & Comic Book Art" inside the Rockwell Gallery on the opening night of my exhibition, Thursday, October 22. Thanx to Allan Wahler of A2A Studio Solutions in Stamford for the beautiful prints, Rockwell’s Jay Cimbak and Susn Perreca for their wonderful hosting, and Janine of Da Pietro’s, Westport’s greatest Italian restaurant, for the incredible catering! A great night was had by all!

The exhibition runs until January 16, 2016; catch me next at the Rockwell presenting my VisuaLecture on the relationship between fine “Art & Comic Book Art” on Thursday, November 19th at 7:00pm! 

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ROCKWELL interior

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On Thursday, October 22, the Rockwell Art And Framing Gallery in Westport, Connecticut, will open an exhibition of comic book-styled art by comic book historian, author and member of The Society of Illustrators Arlen Schumer, running to January 16, 2016. Not only will framed poster-sized prints be on display and for sale, but Arlen will provide 3 gallery talks during the run of the exhibition on his own art and the history of comic book art, based on his book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (also available in the gallery for sale). The October 22 opening will be from 5-8pm (with the gallery talk, “Life, Art & Comic Book Art,” starting at 7pm) at 236 Post Road East in Westport. www.rockwellartandframing.com

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