The Kubert School - Inaugural Founder's Day

Honored to be invited to speak at a private event at The Kubert School, its Inaugural Founder's Day to celebrate the history & legacy of JOE KUBERT on Friday, September 16th! Kubert entered the comic book field in the 1940s as a teenager, and went on to become one of the legendary figures of the medium, whose style is unmistakable and unforgettable, the most expressive pen-and-brush comic book artist of his generation. Can't wait to present that to The Kubert School's students & faculty!

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THE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE SPIRIT VisuaLecture April 30th in New York City!

"2015-16 marks the 75th Anniversary year of the legendary cartoonist Will Eisner’s immortal character, The Spirit! Join Arlen Schumer, writer/illustrator/designer and comic book historian (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, Archway Publishing), as he presents a Master’s Class on Eisner using The Spirit as its primer: a big-screen retrospective overview of Eisner’s magnum opus, and all of its revolutionary graphic tropes and storytelling techniques—character design, staging, lighting, lettering, panel and page design—that make Eisner the D. W. Griffith of comic book art! "

Saturday, April 30th at 2:00pm at the Poe Park Visitor Center, Bronx, NY:


Comic Art Commanding Respect

“Comic Art Commanding Respect” by Jay Behrke, Hudson Valley News Network, April 5:
"Schumer’s talk detailed decades of comic art as it suffuses American culture, plays on our patriotism, and has become inseparable from our national ideal of heroism. It’s undeniable presence on TV and in theaters validates comic art as a charismatic and pervasive force in our society."
Video feature (4 min.) by Behrke about the "Comic Art: Fantasy & Imagination” group show at the Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY (, April 2: 
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Friday, April 8, at 7 pm; from their press release:
"Our Comic Con kicks off Friday evening with a trip back in time to the 'Silver Age' of comic books. Arlen Schumer is a recognized expert on American popular culture, an award-winning comic book-style illustrator, and an author/designer of coffee table art books including his own, 'The Silver Age of Comic Book Art.' His presentation explores the origins of superhero transitions, their personification of American ideals and values and how these portrayals changed during the turbulent 1960s. There will be a book signing after the presentation. Recommended for adults and teens. Please register at 875-9004 or"