Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone: Sight, Sound & Mind is a 12-minute montage of the legendary TV series' words (dialogue & narration), soundtrack music and images, based on Schumer's Visions from The Twilight Zone, and narrated by the author.

Visions From The Twilight Zone (Chronicle Books, 176 pages) is the only coffeetable art book about the iconic TV series, treating its images like black & white art photography and its dialogue & narration like poetry. The New York Times review said Visions From The Twilight Zone "transcends pop culture and brushes the underbelly of high art."
Sound & Vision:The Words & Music of The Twilight Zone is a 45-minute CD audio mashup.
TZ-INVITE-icon Visions From The Twilight Zone VisuaLecture accordian-fold invitation for The Art Directors Club of New York.
long-form-icon The Twilight Zone Forever DVD is the 90-minute multimedia VisuaLecture based on the book Visions... and a mutimedia essay for The Paley Center For Media's website, tracing the series' roots in surrealist art and ideas to its pervasive influence on American Pop Culture, recorded at The New York Times' TimesCenter in Manhattan on October 2, 2009, the series' 50th Anniversary.
"The Five Themes of The Twilight Zone" is an essay on the recurring themes of Rod Serling and the series' writers, and the basis for a 3-hour mini-marathon and VisuaLecture of the five episodes that best illustrate each theme.
EYE-OF-BEHOLDER-icon Screening and program commemorating the the 50th anniversary of the greatest Twilight Zone episode, "The Eye of The Beholder," November 11, 2010 at the Tribeca cinema, NYC.
Westport Twilight Zone Exhibition panels highlighting the three year Rod Serling spent in Westport, CT before he moved to hollywood in 1958 to do the Twilight Zone.