Pop Culture VisuaLectures

They’re not your father’s art history lectures! They’re more graphic—oversized images designed for maximum impact, cross-fading beautifully as Schumer makes his points powerfully, passionately and with keen insight—never veering into academic jargon but bubbling with pop-cultural cross-pollination!

Just some of the educational and cultural institutions across the country Schumer's presented at since 1988:

  • The Art Directors Club of New York
  • The Art Directors Club of South Carolina
  • Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications
  • Columbia University
  • CUNY Graduate Center, NY
  • Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
  • Las Vegas Pop Culture Convention
  • New Jersey State University
  • New York Comicon at the Javits Center
  • New York Public Library
  • New York Times' The TimesCenter
  • Pratt Institute, NY
  • Rice University, TX
  • San Diego Comicon
  • School of Visual Arts, NY
  • Stanford University, CA
  • The Type Directors Club of New York
  • Tribeca Cinema, NY
  • Tyler School of Art, PA
  • University of New Hampshire
  • USC Film School
  • Wesleyan University, CT

"Your work in the area make you one of the country’s pre-eminent authorities on comics and culture." Jon Meyerson, Producer, ABC News' 2020

"Your book and articles on Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone are a cut above the rest–passion and erudition." Mark Burman, Producer, BBC Radio

"An incredibly animated – in every sense of the word – presentation for us on JEWS 'N' COMICS. It was at once entertaining and informative." Gregory Kaplan, Department of Religious Studies, Rice University

Part 6 of Arlen Schumer's VisuaLecture, The Twilight Zone Forever,
at The News York Times' TimesCenter, 10/2/09


Bond on Bond: The Sean Connery James Bond Films

In this multimedia retrospective, Schumer uses clips from the first five seminal Connery Bond films of the 1960s, augmented by graphics culled from the Bondmania of the era, to illustrate Bond’s place in pop culture history—and Connery’s preeminence in the iconic role.


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S SWEET 16: His Greatest Hits You’ve Never Heard

Bruce Springsteen has unreleased outtakes and alternate mixes that could justifiably be called his “greatest hits”—because many who’ve heard them consider them better than his “official” greatest hits. In this aural (and visual) retrospective—by the former art director of Bruce’s first fan magazine, Thunder Road—you’ll get to hear them!


COMICULTURE: How Comic Books are Taking Over The World

We’re living in a comic book world, from movies to television, from pop art to pop culture, from the walls of museums to the halls of academia—and Schumer will show you why, in a multimedia overview of the impact comics have had on high and low culture, and everything in between!


DOC SAVAGE: The Heroic Art of James Bama

With a Doc Savage movie on the horizon, Schumer looks back on the series of sixty-two Doc Savage paperback covers that artist James Bama painted between 1964 and 1972—miniature in size though gargantuan in pop cultural stature and influence—that represent an apex in heroic, realistic figure painting of not only the 20th Century, but of the entire history of the human figure in fine or commercial art.

The five themes of the Twilight Zone


Though Twilight Zone creator and head writer Rod Serling worked with a number of renowned writers on the series, their combined works fall under a set of recurring themes of Serling’s, “The Five Themes of The Twilight Zone.” In this three-hour mini-marathon, host Schumer, with his patented, penetrating analysis, introduces the five episodes that best illustrate each theme. Watch the VisuaLecture


THE FLINTSTONES: Anatomy of a Pop Culture Classic

You’ll have a gay ol’ time during this multimedia, idiosyncratic history of The Flintstones, from early concept sketches and rare video clips to an analysis of its storied place in American pop culture! Watch the VisuaLecture on my YouTube channel.

Great Comic Book Typography


An overview of some of the best typography in comic book history—hand-lettered balloons, ads and logotypes—and the impact it has had on Schumer’s own comic book-styled illustration the past 25 years. View the ad.

Jews 'N' Comics

JEWS ‘N’ COMICS: A Past & Present History

From Ben Grimm to The Golem and beyond, Arlen Schumer surveys the specific Jewish creation of the American superhero and its antecedents in older, ancient myths, as well as the significant contributions Jews have made to the evolution of comic book art in the 20th and 21st Centuries—leading to his own superhero creation, Captain Israel, currently  being published by the Los Angeles-based pro-Israel organization, StandWithUs. Read the newspaper review.

My Comic Book Life!

A Perrsonal Retrospective

From thumbnail sketches to finished artwork, you?ll be inspired by how
Schumer's turned a childhood love of comic books into an adult vocation as a comic book historian and illustrator! View the artwork.


Requiem for Weisinger

The work of Mort Weisinger, editor of the Superman line for 30 years (1940-70), told in his words and Curt Swan?s images.

My Comic Book Life!

SUPERANIMATION: The Fleischer Superman Cartoons

The series of 17 eight-minute Superman cartoons produced by the Fleischer Studios (Popeye, Gulliver’s Travels) between 1941-3 are considered by animation aficionados to be the greatest realistically-animated cartoons ever made. In this multimedia overview, along with clips from all 17 cartoons, Schumer utilizes all extant background materials, model sheets and storyboards to spotlight the artistic highlights of these animated jewels.


The Warhol Super-Forgeries

VisuaLecture based on the fraudulent Superman artworks in
the Warhol collection—collages dated 1961 using panels from comics published years later!

Superheroes in the 60s

SUPERHEROES IN THE ‘60s: Comics & Counterculture

The origins of the superhero tradition are explored, its personification of American ideals and values, and how these attitudes and portrayals changed during the turbulent ‘60s, through the works of eight artists who not only drew definitive versions of the medium’s greatest characters—the ones being made into films today—but set trends in the art of comic book storytelling.


20th Century Comic Book Art

Schumer's individual VisuaLectures on the giants of the field: Adams, Ditko, Eisner, Infantino, Kirby, Kubert, Steranko and Swan!

Twilight Zone Forever


While tracing the iconic 1960s series’ roots in surrealist art and ideas, to its pervasive influence on film, television, art and pop culture ever since—and screening the classic episode "Eye of The Beholder"—Schumer reads excerpts of dialogue and narration from the series like spoken word poetry, in sync with soundtrack music from The Twilight Zone.