Shout Out Arizona magazine’s profile: “Meet Arlen Schumer: Comic Book-Style Illustrator & Pop Culture Historian”

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“When faced with a particularly sensitive DUKE magazine cover assignment and an impossible deadline, I turned to DGA and Arlen Schumer; I needed a home run and he hit a grand slam!”
— Lacey Chylack, Phase 5 Creative

“Arlen’s creative conceptual input directly contributed to the quantifiable success in branding our superhero-styled campaign!”
— Michael Dooley, CD Advertising/Marketing, LA Times

“Arlen’s been illustrating projects with me going on 35 years, often conceiving and art directing them as well. If you need really great work, Arlen’s the man!” — Fred Seibert, Producer, FredFilms, Inc.

VIDEO ANIMATIC based on a double-page spread illustration for OMMA magazine (Online Media, Marketing & Advertising), honoring their award-winning “Online All-Stars,” designed & narrated by the illustrator!

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