Wednesday, April 3 @ 5:30pm:

“ANDY WARHOL’S SUPER-WORKS” webinar via NY Adventure Club!

When people think of the signature works of the late, great Andy Warhol (1928-1987), they conjure the iconic Campbell’s soup cans and Coke bottle silkscreens, the Brillo Boxes, the Marilyns, Elvises, and numerous other celebrity portraits.

But rarely do they think of his significant Superman works. Yes, it’s Superman: not only was the Man of Steel the subject of one of Warhol’s very first Pop Art paintings in 1961— paintings that predate fellow Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein’s first forays in the genre—but Warhol would return to the character two decades later with one of his trademark silkscreens. And in between the two? A mysterious set of Superman artworks, published posthumously in The Museum of Modern Art’s 1989 exhibition catalogue, that are actually…forgeries?

So join New York Adventure Club & comic book and pop culture historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) as he takes you on a webinar tour of Warhol’s Superman (and other comic character) artworks, dynamically displaying his works in ways that will make even the most ardent Warhol expert see them as if for the FIRST time!


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