“BILL FINGER: The Man Who Made Batman, Batman” free webinar!

Since 2016, DC Comics (and its parent conglomerate, Warner Bros.) has officially credited legendary DC comic book writer Bill Finger (1914-1974) with the co-creation of Batman, in partnership with the (in-?) famous artist Bob Kane (1915-1998). But for all the years before that, Kane was solely credited, while Finger was virtually forgotten.

Yet it was Finger, not Kane, who made the initial graphic recommendations to Kane that gave “The Bat-Man” his distinct look and mystique, as well as so many other key story elements, concepts, and ideas that collectively make up most of the Bat-lore ingrained in our collective comics unconscious—like naming Batman and Robin’s civilian identities, along with Wayne Manor, The Bat-Cave, and Gotham City—and so much more!


So join comic book historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) as he’ll make you see and understand the TRUE origin of the comic book superstar as if for the FIRST time!


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