THE SEAN CONNERY BOND MEMORIAL RETROSPECTIVE webinar, Wednesday, December 30 @ 7:00pm EST:

When Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90 a few months ago, the outpouring of accolades, affection and sentiment for the knighted Scottish actor throughout the world attested to his unforgettable, immortal, iconic portrayal of the cinematic secret agent 007, James Bond, in seven of the most successful movie franchise in history’s twenty-five films.

Though Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and other great actors have played the 007 role over the decades, the majority of Bond aficionados still consider Connery the definitive Bond. His seven films are not only arguably the best of the entire series. but the beginnings of the modern action film genre itself.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore all seven Connery Bonds, hosted by pop culture historian Arlen Schumer. His multimedia webinar includes pertinent clips from each film, along with rare, behind-the-scenes production stills, films, and advertising and promotional materials!

*Can’t make it LIVE? A ticket allows you to watch a recording of the webinar for a week after!