THE SEAN CONNERY BOND CANON: THE FIRST FOUR FILMS webinar via NY Adventure Club Wednesday, July 29 @ 8pm EST:

Everyone knows James Bond. Everyone loves James Bond. Everyone loves to debate which are the greatest Bond films, and who is the greatest actor to play Bond. This webinar attempts to resolve both arguments once and for all!

Later this year, the 25th James Bond film will be released, No Time to Die, starring Daniel Craig. Though he and many other great actors have played the iconic 007 role over the decades, the majority of Bond aficionados still consider the first, Sean Connery, to be the definitive James Bond. And of his seven Bond films, the first four—Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (’63), Goldfinger (’64), and Thunderball (’65)—are considered not only his best, but perhaps the best of the entire Bond series.

In addition, the first four Bond films are also watersheds of pop cultural significance, for they’re not only the beginnings of the modern action film genre, but they also act as signifiers of The Sixties themselves, instituting and incorporating so many signs, symbols and scenarios of that most unique decade of the 20th Century.

So whether your Bond bona fides include having seen every film, or a relative Bond newbie who thinks Craig is the best Bond, come join New York Adventure Club and noted pop culture historian Arlen Schumer as he presents a multimedia overview of those first four Connery Bond films, including pertinent clips from each film and behind-the-scenes production stills, advertising, and promotional materials!


*And if you can’t make the webinar LIVE, buying a ticket allows you to watch a recording of it AFTER!