You’ve WATCHED the Sean Connery James Bond films for 60 years—now SEE them for the FIRST time!
In my FREE webinar series, THE SEAN CONNERY BOND CANON: THE FIRST FOUR FILMS, I present multimedia overviews that feature:
•Hard to find behind-the-scenes production photos and documentary films–often shot by BOND crew members themselves!
•Rare advertising films and promotional materials!
•The “greatest hits”—film clips and stills—from each Connery classic!
In this 2nd installment, 1963’s FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 @ 6:00pm EST, you’ll learn:
• Why RUSSIA should be considered the true “first” Bond film, not DR. NO
• Why Maurice Binder did not design RUSSIA’S innovative film titles—and how one Robert Brownjohn came to do them instead
•Why the director of RUSSIA, Terence Young, is perhaps more responsible for the shaping of the cinematic version of Bond than his literary creator, Ian Fleming!
So you’ll not only “see” the first 4 Connery Bond films in a fresh, new light, but, through my commentary and insight, you’ll also appreciate them anew in the context of their times, as the beginnings of the modern action film, and part and parcel of the creative pop culture explosion that was the 1960s!
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***CAN’T make it LIVE? Don’t worry–you’ll be able to watch a recording of the live webinar later!