GOLDFINGER Behind-the-Scenes webinar!

You’ve WATCHED the Sean Connery James Bond film GOLDFINGER for 60 years—now SEE it for the FIRST time!

On the exact 59th Anniversary of its US premiere in 1964, pop culture historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, Visions from The Twilight Zone and The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) presents a free multimedia webinar about the third Sean Connery James Bond film, GOLDFINGER, that will weave together rare, hard to find behind-the-scenes production and promotional photos, advertising and documentary films (often shot by Bond crew members themselves), with the “greatest hits”—trailers, film clips and stills—from what many Bond aficionados consider the greatest Connery Bond film.

So you’ll not only experience GOLDFINGER in a fresh, new light, but, through Schumer’s incisive commentary and insight (he was there), you’ll appreciate it anew in the context of its time, the beginnings of the modern action film, and the creative pop culture explosion that was The Sixties!

ZOOM Meeting:

MEETING ID: 890 1072 2016

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