New York Adventure Club announces its “GREAT COMIC BOOK ARTISTS OF THE SILVER AGE” summertime webinar series starting July 6!

Some of the greatest comic book artists of their gen eration created some of their greatest works during The Silver Age of Comics (circa 1956-1972); they not only drew definitive versions of the industry’s greatest characters— the same ones featured in today’s blockbuster Hollywood movies and tele vision series—but also set trends in the art of comic book storytelling itself!

And now New York Adventure Club is offering a brand new summer time webinar series by noted comic book historian Arlen Schumer, based on the eight great comic book artists in his award-winning book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art!

So whether you’re a longtime comic book reader who’s familiar with the original comics, or a newcomer from the films and TV shows based on them, Schumer’s dynamic displays of comic book covers, pages, and panels, coupled with his witty and trenchant pop culture commentary, will make you look at, and enjoy, the works of these great American artists as if for the first time!

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