At the dawn of the 1970s, legendary comic book artist Neal Adams forged brand new artistic identities for several mainstream comic book characters, including Batman and The X-Men, as well as two distinctive DC heroes, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. 
Adams’ photorealistic visual acuity enabled he and his writer/collaborator, Denny O’Neil, to break new ground telling the kinds of reality- based stories that could be told in “superhero” comic books, and in doing so, made their Green Lantern-Green Arrow run of (only) 13 issues one of the most honored and esteemed, memorable and influential in comic book history, directly responsible for the 21st Century successes of the recent Arrow television series and the forthcoming Green Lantern feature film.
Special attention will be given to perhaps the zenith of the series, “The Drug Issues,” a 2-part story that appeared in the summer of ’71, concerning Green Arrow’s young sidekick, who had become a heroin addict, ironically befitting his name: “Speedy.” 
Hosted by award-winning comic book-style illustrator and pop culture historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art), this webinar will feature comic book panels, pages and covers that will make you look at those Green Lantern/Green Arrow comics as if for the first time!
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