Proud to announce I’ve signed a contract with Marilyn Goldberg‘s MUSEUM MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ( to bring my style of comic art to the licensing world! Marking this exciting new phase of my career is my cover to the brand new issue of the bible of licensing, Victor Forbes‘ SUN STORM FINE ART (, in which I turned Marilyn into an art superheroine, and my own interior full-page self-portrait!

SUPER COOL HEROICA: The Pop Comic Book Art of Arlen Schumer

COMIC BOOK ART continues to infiltrate American popular culture on all fronts, with Hollywood green-lighting countless films and television shows based on four-color characters beloved by generations, the art gallery and museum worlds exhibiting comic- inspired work, the academic world teaching and studying comics, conventions like San Diego’s annual Comicon International sprouting up all over the country, and elite publications like The New York Times reviewing “graphic novels.” Yet, for all its growth in the pop cultural marketplace, comic book art’s potential as quality licensed art has barely been tapped.

Arlen Schumer is here to change that via his Pop Comic Book Art. Over the course of his career—he’s a member of The Society of Illustrators—Arlen’s created comic book- styled art for the advertising and editorial markets, garnering industry awards and acclaim.
He combines backgrounds in graphic design and advertising illustration with expertise in—and enthusiasm for—the comic book medium, producing distinctive imagery that stands out from the crowd of conventional illustration and photography. Arlen knows that everyone reads comics, understands their vocabulary, and (secretly) loves them. Young and old. All classes and colors. Everyone.

Now Arlen is licensing his vibrant and bold graphics, for the first time, with Marilyn Goldberg’s Museum Masters International, as Classic Comic Art for the 21st Century. “I’ve known and loved Arlen’s work for years,” said Goldberg,” and I’m thrilled to finally bring his distinctive comic style to a world of products—and to the world!”