What Elvis was to rock & roll—what Babe Ruth was to baseball—what Picasso was to Modern Art—Jack Kirby was to comic book art!

THE GREAT COMIC BOOK ARTISTS OF THE SILVER AGE free webinar series by Arlen Schumer #3 JACK KIRBY:

Wednesday, March 31 @ 6:00pm EST

• Kirby created and co-created a nearly endless stream of characters and concepts, from Captain America and nearly all the Marvel Universe superheroes to The New Gods and The Eternals, that now form the foundations of American film and television empires;

• He developed entire comic book genres, like romance comics;

• He defined his own graphic vocabulary, much like D.W. Griffith did for film, that has influenced generations of artists, writers and storytellers.

But as great as Kirby’s successes were, he himself is also one of the greatest victims of the corporate system that denied a creator ownership of his creations. And therein lies the heart of the Kirby story: his comics, his creations, his credit.

In this third installment of THE GREA T COMIC BOOK ARTISTS OF THE SILVER AGE webinar series by comic book art historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art), running the last Wednesday of each month in 2021, each of the dozen artists’ Silver Age-era work is delved into, discussed, and boldly displayed on screen in ways that graphically communicate comic book art’s sequential, page-turning nature, so you’ll truly “see,” as if for the first time, the comics you’ve only “read” your whole life.

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