WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 @ 6:00pm EST:


BATMAN-part ONE (1968-70)

In the summer of 1968, three months after the campy BATMAN TV series was cancelled, comic book artist NEAL ADAMS (1941-2022), in one single issue, rebooted Batman back to his original roots as a creature of the night, transforming the “Caped Crusader” into the “Dark Knight” we have known and loved ever since!

Teamed with DC Comics writer Denny O’Neil and others, Adams’ dynamic draftsmanship and visual virtuosity birthed a body of Batman stories that many consider the definitive version of the character–in comic books or any other media–as well as perhaps artist Adams’ most memorable and impactful works of his entire Hall of Fame career!

So join comic book historian (writer/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) and Adams aficionado (editor/designer, The Neal Adams Sketchbook) Arlen Schumer (who also worked for Adams at his Continuity studio, and moderates the Facebook group Neal Adams Almanack) as he revisits, and rejoices in, Adams’ historic Batman works of 1968-70; part TWO of this ADAMS’ BATMAN webinar tomorrow night will cover 1971-74 (and beyond)!

Even if you’re a fellow Adams- and Bat-aficionado, you’ll STILL see his awesome Bat-oeuvre as if for the FIRST time!


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