WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 @ 6:00pm EST:


NEAL ADAMS’ ECLECTICA Part 2 (1972-2022)!

During NEAL ADAMS’ peak years in the comic book industry (circa 1967-78), he was probably the most in-demand freelance artist in New York City, with not only the two major comic book companies, DC and Marvel, vying for his services on both covers and interior stories, but so were the black and white Warren magazines, National Lampoon, Playboy, and all the major advertising agencies as well, who hired Adams and his studio, Continuity Associates, for comp art, storyboards, and animatics–all while Neal was raising a family of three!

(How did he do all that work, and at such a high level? Rumor was he didn’t need to sleep like the rest of us mortals!)

Ergo it would take more than even 9 webinars to truly document all the amazing artwork Adams produced in that period that hasn’t already been covered in all the previous webinars; as it is, the greatest of Adams’ ECLECTICA had to be split into 2 webinars, with Part 1 covering the years 1962 (the debut of his Ben Casey comic strip) through the end of 1971, and Part 2 picking up in 1972, continuing through his peak period, and finishing with the best of his 21st Century works!

So join comic book historian (writer/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) and Adams aficionado (editor/designer, The Neal Adams Sketchbook) Arlen Schumer (who also worked for Adams at his Continuity studio, and moderates the Facebook group Neal Adams Almanack) as he dynamically displays and discusses some of the more eclectic works of Adams’ formidable career, and though lesser-known and lesser-seen, are certainly not of lesser pedigree, as they’re all part of the great tapestry that is the multifaceted career of Neal Adams!


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