“SEX & SUPERHEROES” webinar by Arlen Schumer via NY Adventure Club!

Okay, folks, relax, this is NOT whatcha think!

This is a fun-filled webinar rated closer to PG-13 than X (or even R), because there is NO full-frontal (or posterior) nudity, whether illustrated or photographic, or ANYTHING that could be construed as overt pornographic content.

“SEX & SUPERHEROES” is a sunny, silly survey of actual, published, mainstream comic book covers and panels from the past that simply have a sexually ambiguous, visually punny, indirect, subliminal, sly, even subversive sexual nature, always allusional or double-entendre in meaning.

Join New York Adventure Club and pop culture historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art), who’s been collecting such comic imagery since the dawn of the internet, and has now curated a wild and wooly webinar that wends its way through a cornucopia of coital, canoodling comic book creations, aided and abetted by Schumer’s always-arch narration and cutting commentary on every illustration’s possible gonadal graphics, phallic felicities, and naked ambitions!


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