“THE BLACK PANTHER: Past, Present, and Future?” radio show, Wednesday, October 7 @ 8:00pm EST:
The sudden death of actor Chadwick Boseman—known worldwide for the 2018 role he starred in, The Black Panther—sent shockwaves throughout both the mainstream entertainment and comic book worlds. How will The Black Panther franchise move on— even survive—without Boseman as the titular character?

In preparation for his upcoming webinar on the subject, join Pop Culture Man Arlen Schumer and his guests tonight as they explore the fascinating comic book origins of The Black Panther by the legendary Jack Kirby in the 1960s, how the character developed over the decades since, and how those origins and developments were—or weren’t—translated into the 2018 film.

(THE BLACK PANTHER WEBINAR via New York Adventure Club, Thursday, October 11 @ 9:00pm EST; tix: nyadventureclub.com)

Arlen’s call-in guests on tonight’s show:

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