THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF JACK KIRBY’S NEW GODS Night-Light radio show with Pop Culture Man Arlen Schumer 

One of the leading new Hollywood writer/directors, Ava DuVernay, was recently announced by Warner Bros. as the director of a forthcoming major motion picture based on the DC Comics characters The New Gods, who were initially published 50 years ago this year! They were the creation of legendary comic book writer/illustrator/editor Jack Kirby, who had co-created, the decade prior, the Marvel Comics universe of characters and stories in conjunction with editor Stan Lee.

In advance of his webinar tomorrow night via New York Adventure Club—

—join Pop Culture Man Arlen Schumer tonight as he explores the comic book origins of these unique Kirby characters and stories, and how they’ve been a steady influence on pop culture over the decades—most notably on George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise!
Arlen’s call-in guest on tonight’s show:
MARK EVANIER assisted Jack Kirby during his New Gods era, and is a writer of comic books, cartoon shows, live-action television, and books, like his upcoming, definitive biography of Kirby!