Tuesday, January 12 @ 7:30pm EST

Do YOU remember the frisson of excitement the night of Wednesday, January 12, 1966— truly, “a day that will live (in infamy?) forever!”—when the Batman television series debuted?

If NOT, don’t worry—because Pop Culture Historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) WAS there, and on the 55th Anniversary of Batman’s premiere, he’ll present a brand new webinar that will not only recreate the pop culture atmosphere of the mid-1960s—the dawn of psychedelia—that spawned the landmark series, but will detail the comic book origins of the show, and how they were—and weren’t—translated to television. Of course, the ‘66 merchandising and cultural phenomenon known as “Batmania” will be covered, too!

Weaving together a plethora of still images with television and music clips, interspersed with his usual trenchant and witty pop culture commentary, Arlen Schumer’s Batman TV series webinar will make you look at the show you’ve been watching for 55 years as if for the FIRST time!