The Twilight Zone

“SCHUMER’S WORKS on Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone are a cut above the rest, full of passion and erudition.”

— Mark Burman, Producer, BBC Radio

“SCHUMER’S THESIS on The Twilight Zonetranscends pop culture and brushes the underbelly of high art.”

—“The Synergy of Art and The Twilight Zone,” The New York Times

THE 60th ANNIVERSARY OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE live multimedia presentation by Arlen Schumer

Pop culture historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, Visions from The Twilight Zone and The Silver Age of Comic Book Art) traces The Twilight Zone’s roots in 20th Century surrealism, and its influence on psychedelia, television, film, modern art and popular culture, in a unique multimedia presentation that combines the words, images, and music of the legendary television series.

Filmed at The Triad Theater, New York, October 2, 2019.

Arlen Schumer’s “Sound & Vision” is a 45-minute mashup of The Twilight Zone’s dialogue, narration and music soundtracks.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE IN THE AGE OF CORONA multimedia webinar by Arlen Schumer

How do episodes from the greatest television series of the 20th Century—Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone—shed prescient light on the greatest crisis of the 21st Century—the Corona Virus pandemic?

So many of creator Serling & Company’s Twilight Zone episodes dealt with the universal, timeless themes of isolation, loneliness, and solitude, which is why they are so timely for today’s existential epidemic of Covid-19.

These episodes are discussed and analyzed with images and video clips from those episodes, interspersed with images from the broader popular culture, and accompanied by Schumer’s trenchant commentary and insight!

Recorded February 17, 2021.

“The Twilight Zone: Sight, Sound & Mind” is a 12-minute montage of the legendary TV series’ words (dialogue & narration), music & images based on Arlen Schumer’s coffeetable art book, Visions from The Twilight Zone, and narrated by the author.

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