Arlen Schumer’s pop culture VisuaLectures — they’re not your father’s art history lectures! They’re more graphic—oversized images designed for maximum impact, cross-fading beautifully as Schumer makes his points powerfully, passionately and with keen insight—never veering into academic jargon but bubbling with pop-cultural cross-pollination!

Read Print Magazine’s article, Arlen Schumer’s VisuaLectures: Where Comics Scholarship Meets Design Showmanship.

“Your work in the area make you one of the country’s pre-eminent authorities on comics and culture.” Jon Meyerson, Producer, ABC News’ 2020

“Your book and articles on Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone are a cut above the rest–passion and erudition.” Mark Burman, Producer, BBC Radio

“An incredibly animated – in every sense of the word – presentation for us on JEWS IN COMICS. It was at once entertaining and informative.” Gregory Kaplan, Department of Religious Studies, Rice University.

“Nobody speaks about comics with more authority, understanding and love than Arlen does. He is to comics what Pauline Kael was to movies.” Clem Robins, painter, teacher, author, and longtime letterer for DC and Marvel Comics.


You’ve WATCHED the Sean Connery James Bond films for 60 years—now SEE them for the FIRST time!

In Arlen Schumer’s multimedia webinar series, you’ll see:

  • Hard to find behind-the-scenes production photos and documentary films–often shot by Bond crew members themselves!
  • Rare advertising films and promotional materials!
  • The “greatest hits”—film clips and stills—from each Connery-Bond classic!

So you’ll not only “see” the first 4 Connery Bond films in a fresh, new light, but, through Schumer’s trenchant commentary and insight, you’ll also appreciate them anew in the context of their times, as the beginnings of the modern action film, and part and parcel of the creative pop culture explosion that was the 1960s!

To see videos of many of Arlen’s VisuaLectures, go to his YouTube channel.

Just some of the educational and cultural institutions across the country Schumer’s presented at:

  • The Art Directors Club of New York
  • The Art Directors Club of South Carolina
  • Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications
  • Columbia University
  • CUNY Graduate Center, NY
  • Fashion Institute
  • of Technology, NY

  • Pratt Institute, NY
  • Rice University, TX
  • San Diego Comicon
  • School of Visual Arts, NY
  • Las Vegas Pop Culture Convention
  • New Jersey State University
  • New York Comicon at the Javits Center
  • Stanford University, CA
  • The Type Directors Club of New York
  • Tribeca Cinema, NY
  • Tyler School of Art, PA
  • University of New Hampshire
  • USC Film School
  • Wesleyan University, CT
  • 92nd Street Y, NY
  • New York Public Library