#1 CARMINE INFANTINO: Wednesday, January 27 @ 7:00pm EST

Twelve of the greatest comic book artists of their generation—Carmine Infantino; Jack Kirby; Curt Swan; Steve Ditko; Joe Kubert; Gil Kane; Murphy Anderson; Gene Colan; John Buscema; Nick Cardy; Jim Steranko; Neal Adams—created some of their greatest work during The Silver Age of Comics (circa 1956-1970). They not only created and drew definitive versions of the medium’s greatest characters—the ones being made into movies and television shows today—but often set trends in comic book art itself.

And while their art reflected the dominant motifs of the 1960s, from the futuristic idealism of Infantino to the cinematic realism of Adams, the superheroes they drew changed, from establishment types like Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern, to counterculture crusaders like Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and Green Arrow.

In THE GREAT COMIC BOOK ARTISTS OF THE SILVER AGE webinar series by comic book art historian Arlen Schumer (author/designer, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art), running the last Wednesday each month in 2021, each of the dozen artists’ Silver Age-era work is delved into, discussed, and boldly displayed on screen in ways that graphically communicate comic book art’s sequential, page-turning nature. So you’ll not only see where Hollywood’s love affair with superhero movies comes from—you’ll truly see, as if for the first time, the comics you’ve only “read” before!

#1 CARMINE INFANTINO: If DC Comics was the Cadillac of comic book publishers at the dawn of The Silver Age of Comics, then artist Infantino was their man at the wheel: his slick, streamlined style was the sine qua non of The Silver Age!

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